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     Whenever I need cleaning services, I don't even hesitate. I call these guys. They have the best cleaning crew and are reasonably priced
Dana Peterson21/05/2020
     SevenKingsCarpetCleaners came to my rescue at the last minute and without extra cost! Best house cleaning services. Excellent customer care.
      Seven Kings Cleaning Services took care of the rug cleaning quickly and professionally. It was a great service for a great price.
G. Dawson08/02/2019
     Never used a cleaning service before but I'm very pleased with the service from SevenKingsCarpetCleaners, they did a very good job.
Hilary Rune30/03/2018
     The cleaners from Seven Kings Cleaners couldn't have been more helpful. Everything was carried out to my complete satisfaction.
R. Brody27/02/2018
     You wouldn't believe the amount of cleaning services I had to go through before finding this company. I know that all niches and industries have good companies and bad companies, but with domestic cleaning in particular it can be hard to know what you're getting into. Where other cleaners have been unhelpful and sometimes rude, Carpet Cleaning Seven Kings provides professionals who know how to liaise with customers. I don't know what cleaning tools they use, but they've done a better job on my home than a lot of more expensive companies. Would definitely recommend!
Desmond R.21/12/2015
     I was getting ready to go out and the lipstick fell out of my hand, broke into two (charming!) and smudged my rug. I tried to get the stain out but it got worse. I called in a cleaner from SevenKingsCarpetCleaners and the rug looks fresh and brand new now.
Sheila F.01/12/2015
     I recently launched a new business and I have been spending nights with my time at my place. We soon realised it started to fill up with pizza boxes and we couldn't always clean up as we were so busy working. Luckily one of my staff knew the cleaners at Carpet Cleaners Seven Kings and we hired them instantly to help us. Even our sales have shot up because our minds are cleaner.
     My sister had been asking me to help with cleaning the attic, so I went over this weekend. One look at it and I knew we'd never be able to get it done on our own: there was just too much stuff and dirt and grime. A friend had recently gotten a great price quote for attic cleaning at SevenKingsCarpetCleaners so I decided to give them a call. The professional cleaners organised everything within an hour and then cleaned out the entire attic in less than two. The cleaning service included scrubbing and washing and dusting and the rest and the results are out of this world. For this kind of price, it makes sense to hire a cleaning agency every time!
Harry 19/09/2014
     I was so excited to start using my new bathroom once the builders moved out, but I was sad to see how much of a state they had left it in! Fortunately for us, there was SevenKingsCarpetCleaners on hand to help me, as recommended to me by a close friend. Their cleaners did an excellent job, and my house is still sparkling almost as clean as it was after they came round, nearly two weeks ago! The cleaners pay extra attention to all the details, and provide an excellent service. Best clean yet.
Sophie G.04/09/2014
     Fantastic cleaning company! I've used quite a few in the past but I've never been that impressed. This is the only cleaning company that I'd use on a regular basis because the staff were friendly, efficient and they're all obviously very skilled and professional. I wanted cleaners that I could trust but that also weren't going to put a dent in my wallet, and this is just what I got with SevenKingsCarpetCleaners. Will definitely be calling them again after such a positive experienced and I'd recommend them to anyone who wants a cleaner house without having to put in any effort!
James O.25/02/2014

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